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Virus/Spyware/Malware Cleanup

Any computer that is used for email and the internet is likely to get a virus and/or some kinds of “bogus” programs at some time.  This in spite of virus protection software.  Greeley Computer Services can “clean” the computer of any viruses, malware, bogus programs, annoying pop-ups, etc.

Data Transfer

We transfer data that from your computer or from some other source such as a back up drive or a flash drive. Our program, during the transfer process, “cleans-up” your data so that data on the new device is “clean” We transfer your data to a new computer or other storage device that you supply or that you buy from us. Remember, programs (such as Microsoft Office or Quick Books) will not transfer, nor will user names and passwords. Make sure that you have the program disks and/or the license keys to re-install the programs. Always keep a listing of user names and passwords in a safe place.

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Data Recovery

If hardware failure resulted in data that you fear lost or you can  not find, we can likely recover it  or we send to outside sources that specialize in recovery of data.  In almost all cases information that you fear is lost forever is can be recovered for you.

Hard Drive Replacement

At some point a typical hard drive will fail.  The device has moving parts and after a period of time (usually a few years) some  parts will fail.  Greeley Computer Services can replace the drive and transfer all the data (remember, we cannot transfer programs or passwords)  Often we recommend a solid state hard drive, that has no moving parts.

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Addition of More Memory

Many times a computer will not operate properly or will be very slow, often because there is not enough Random Access Memory (RAM) Additional RAM can be added by us, in many cases. This cannot always be done because of limitations of the existing computer such as that the maximum amount possible is already installed.

Hardware Replacement

We routinely replace hardware in computers.  Usually laptop screens or key boards (not all are replaceable), cooling fans, power supplies, hard drives and RAM can be replaced.

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