Greeley Computer Services

Greeley Computer Services

All About Computers

Desktop and laptop computer repair and
IT support for your home and business needs.

First we listen, then we help.


PC/laptop screens
Memory upgrades
Power supply replacement
Hard drive replacement
Computer repair
…and more


Operating system upgrades
Virus/malware/spyware removal
Antivirus solutions
…and more

Data Recovery

Hard drive failures
Moving data to another computer
Photos, music, documents
...and more


Backups performed
Tools to use
Education on methods
…and more


Virus/Malware scan
Removal of offending programs
Solutions for future safety
...and more


Ethernet drops
Wireless setup
…and more

Preventative Maintenance

Free up storage space
Keep system running smoothly
Stop problems before they happen
...and more

We also digitize old slides and VHS tapes

New Computers

  • Custom built for your needs
  • No junk software
  • Name brand components
  • Individually tested
  • Competitive prices
Greeley Computer Services happy customer

Expert Support


Need help with your networks, laptops or computers? 

We provide support for individuals and businesses.

Our experts come to your home or business or provide remote support for VIP customers.

Why Choose Us?

Northern Colorado mountain view Greeley Computer Services

Locally owned and operated

computer repair technician working on desktop tower

Professional, experienced technicians available for in-home or on-site business support, including REMOTE support

laptop keyboard

Windows, OSX, Linux, - no problem!


2116 35th Avenue, Suite B, Greeley CO
In the King Soopers Shopping Area

(970) 304-1315

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